A Stitch in Time

Team Wobble

Covid separated people then connected them with unfamiliar technologies. We’ve had to relearn how to communicate and reassess what matters. For some the silver linings included becoming unstitched from the corporate terror of compulsory office attendance and more time for nurturing loved ones. Life became more local as many people successfully hybridised working and living from home.

Before the pandemic millions of people commuted for hours a day to work in big cities like London. The virus has shown us that this is not necessarily the best way to live. New space standards and typologies will emerge as integrated work / live environments become increasingly valued.

In the modern vertical village, improvements in the distribution of goods and personal movement will allow a more balanced coexistence. The vertical village will exist on the scale of the traditional small town, creating a rich interconnected fabric of spaces for living and work. Buildings will adapt to reflect a new balance of office, workshop and residential uses, stitching communities into a new social fabric that is safe, healthy and productive.

Team: Wobble

Web Structures
Callum Ross McCulloch, Robert James Bamford, Wynne Yuemin Chen

Colin Ross Workshop
Colin Ross