The Work / Home Ecosystem

REMI·C·T Studio

A design for a residential tower that allows end users to create their own lifestyle eco-system within their block of flats. In the tower businesses would sponsor workspaces offering products, innovative technology and social networking opportunities, aligning with the values of their brand as a form of marketing. Residents would be provided with functional workspace on their doorsteps, helping to promote the necessary mental and physical divide between work and living spaces. Sponsored centres for childcare could potentially be operated and managed by community members.

This model is designed to enhance, not replace, existing workplaces, allowing more opportunities to fulfil everyday needs within the context of local urban fabric. It is a built manifestation of a new lifestyle in which living spaces are more adaptable and commuting to work is no longer obligatory. The aim is to create places that use space to its fullest potential in ways that give back to the community.


REMI.C.T Studio
Remi Connolly-Taylor, Danielle Mimran, Alastair Cross, Inez Acquah-Aikins, Alycia Turner