New Normal

The judges said:

Narinder Sagoo: ‘I loved that this was about using the window as connectivity. You can buy inside or outside kit and once you put it away, it becomes like a picture frame on the outside.’

Michelle Ogundehin: ‘NewNormal promotes a dialogue and that’s what is most interesting to me’

Sonia Solicari: ‘NewNormal is a really engaging approach to the brief which has been communicated intelligently’

Lockdowns have turned homes into fortresses of solitude, with many people working in makeshift conditions that lack daylight, aspect and a sense of connectedness to the outside world. After a few months of working from home, every day begins to feel the same and many people have experienced boredom and monotony, constant fatigue, loneliness and isolation.

Com-View-Nism’s simple solution uses sustainable and widely available materials to create a pop-out window extension that serves as a workspace. A folding floor and structural side walls combine with a concertina ETFE shell to provide naturally-lit space that extends from an existing window opening, connecting with the street and neighbours. The space can be visually separated from the home by simply pulling down a blind, creating a flexible and well-lit work area with great views out.

The pop-out workspace combines localised task lighting with natural daylight, creating lighting for optimum facial rendition in virtual meetings against a neutral background.

Petros Ioannou

Studio Yume
Sanja Tiedemann

Whitby Wood
Ashley Thomas, Mike Gatfield

Mirko Nardecchia

Crowd Control
Barnaby Dick

Vasiliki Malakasi