The Module

Mole + Darc Studio

Average house prices in the UK mean that many young professionals are forced away from urban centres to satellite towns and suburbs that often lack amenities and social infrastructure. At the same time typical homes are not large enough to accommodate the extra pressures of home working. This solution makes use of left-over and unused areas of land found in housing estates across the UK to create semi-permanent, collectively owned pavilions that provide spill over space for surrounding homes.

The Module is a kit of parts of lightweight timber frame construction, using standard sizes and bolted connections to enable easy dis-assembly. Paving stone pad foundations ground the module, insulation between studs makes the interior warm and cosy and cladding is chosen to suit location and taste. The Module can be located at the end of a garden and inhabited individually or, more excitingly, configured to allow group and collaborative workspace in pavilions on managed common spaces and village greens. A configuration of three or more modules provides a connected space for a small group to share, with desks, storage and meeting space. Combining more modules creates a collaborative workspace hub with hot desk stations, breakout spaces, and shared facilities such as outdoor space for contemplation and relaxing.

Team: Mole + Darc Studio

Hugh Craft, Alice Hamlin, Louise McGarrigle, Sam Walters

Darc Studio
Troy Hodgson